About Debbie's Fairytale Cakes

You can't have a party without a cake! Everybody loves cake, especially party cake whether it's for a children's party, an anniversary or a fabulous wedding. The cake always takes centre stage and is lucky enough to be famous for a least 3 minutes - candles are lit and the singing begins.

A wedding cake is a centrepiece for the special day - A wedding cake is something to be proud of, you want your guests to gasp and comment on its beauty and, of course, revel in the scrumptious pleasure of tasting it.

At Debbies Fairytale Cakes we love making and decorating cakes, from the basic mixing of the ingredients to the addition of each flower, butterfly or word. It is something that we have been doing for a number of years and love the individuality of of each creation.

We believe strongly that the taste of the cake is as important as the decoration and have chosen our recipes very carefully. We only use the best ingredients and try to use local quality ingredients whenever available.

                        Let us create your perfect cake. 

     Call Debbie on 01233 713955 or 07816 393801

Debbies Fairytale Cakes are Local Authority registered


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